A twenty first Century Remake of "Singing within the Rain?" – An Nearly Unimaginable Cinematic Endeavor

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Final night, I used to be watching, for the tenth time, the award profitable musical, “Singing within the Rain,” which starred the late Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor, and the eighty-year outdated Debbie Reynolds. The 1952 movement image was nominated for two Oscars, gained the 1953 Golden Globe, and three different main awards. I truly suppose it ought to have gained a number of 1953 Oscars for its immaculate, if not good, dancing choreography, comedy, and drama. I imply, in comparison with the expertise and precision demonstrated over a decade later by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, within the 1965 musical “The Sound of Music,” which I feel was significantly lower than that demonstrated by Kelly, Reynolds, and O’Connor, “Singing within the Rain” ought to have gained not less than 2 Oscars. The 2 movement image musicals have been, after all, completely different in model, size, and the expertise of the actors; however one cannot miss out on probably the most vital distinction between the 2 productions. It was the utterly flawless mixed impact of dancing, singing, and comedic and dramatic appearing, which was achieved by the dancers, actors, and studio employees, of “Singing within the Rain,” whereas there have been fairly a number of “unmentioned” choreographic errors in “The Sound of Music.” The movement image professionals, who created “Singing within the Rain,” labored collectively tirelessly to make an unequaled musical manufacturing. Moreover, one can depend on the fingers of 1 hand the variety of American musicals produced since 1952 with the identical pure flawless dancing, singing, and appearing from the starring casts. So, the query lingers and calls for a solution as to why “Singing within the Rain” hasn’t been remade in a contemporary setting, with completely different actors, like so many different remakes of the traditional motion pictures?

You should use the entire fancy twenty first Century laptop gadgetry and superior sound gear that cash should purchase to aim to synthetically reproduce the real dancing, singing, and appearing of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor; however one unassailable reality stays finally true. It will be an costly, however finally failed, try in synthetic movie-making. It is inconceivable to persuasively simulate pure human expertise with computer systems. Additional, it’s extremely inconceivable that three versatile entertainers, like Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor, can be discovered amongst all of the achieved dancers and singers within the present twenty first Century world, to duplicate what these three distinctive individuals did. And that is a crying disgrace. These three stars might act, sing, and dance in a wonderful combining trend, one thing that no present stage, or movement image, star can remotely do in the present day. Take Robin Williams as an illustration. He is an exquisite actor and comic, however he cannot dance or sing like Gene Kelly or Donald O’Connor. Matt Damon, Tim Robbins, Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe, Richard Gere, and Julia Roberts, and plenty of different late-Twentieth Century Oscar winners, are all genuinely nice actors, and have made their thousands and thousands. However none of them can come near combining appearing, singing, and dancing in the way in which the “Singing within the Rain” forged did so completely. Some movie producers suppose that these foregoing top-rated actors and actresses might persuade theatre and tv audiences that they really possess such expertise, which they do not actually possess, by means of using laptop enhancements. I do not suppose so. Using such technical fakery can be very evident.

There’s additionally another excuse why I feel a real remake of “Singing within the Rain” has not been produced. Folks in the present day simply do not wish to work as exhausting because the actors and actresses did within the Nineteen Thirties, 40s, and 50s with a view to produce pure creative excellence. They’re now eagerly keen to accept much less to get their paychecks. For instance, in September of 1990, when residing in Carlsbad, California, I used to be, one late night, discussing singing expertise with the sound supervisor for Madonna, who was returning to LA from a live performance on the San Diego Conference Heart. He had stopped for some refreshments on the Carlsbad 7-Eleven, the place I used to be the evening retailer supervisor. The man gave the impression to be utterly sober as he, very candidly, talked about Madonna and her expertise. “It is all within the sound gear,” he mentioned. “Madonna would not have lot of singing expertise, however she has an excellent sound supervisor and one of the best gear.” Then he laughed and added. “With the suitable laptop sound gear, any regular individual’s singing voice could be made to sound skilled. That is how Sissy Spacek seemed like Loretta Lynn in “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” The rationale I keep in mind his phrases verbatim, is as a result of I wrote them down instantly after he left the shop. Furthermore, the dramatic plot in “Singing within the Rain” was all about what occurred when an actress with out singing expertise was made to look, and sound, like she had that capability, on the expense of a naturally gifted singer. I feel that the ethical of the film was, merely, that actresses and actors with out sure abilities shouldn’t be made to falsely seem to audiences to have such abilities. Maybe, nevertheless, the film business in Tinsel City was sadly shifting in that less-desirable path when the 1953 Oscars have been awarded. Maybe that is why an ideal musical was not given its due that 12 months.

I used to be born in 1951, and first noticed “Singing within the Rain” in 1969. That was partly as a result of my mother and father weren’t, in any respect, movie-goers; and, additionally, partly due to my very own working priorities throughout my teenage years. I learn my first commentary in regards to the musical shortly after I noticed it, and recall how the forged had practiced frequently, day and evening, to attain choreographic perfection, to level of blistered and bleeding toes. Eighteen years after the musical premiered, I had presumed that the exhausting work related to American achievement within the dancing, singing, and appearing required for award-winning musicals was an indelible commonplace. You understand, in affiliation with the outdated American adage, “what’s exhausting we do instantly; what’s inconceivable simply takes slightly longer.” Nicely, I do not need to consider that there are not any extra multi-talented actors and actresses on the market, who can beautifully sing, dance, and act like Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. What’s extra, I do not need to consider that nice dancers, singers, and actors can solely seem in the present day as merchandise of establishments like Julliard, or as licensed prodigies. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor weren’t prodigies. They have been regular human beings who grew to become nice by frequently working exhausting to enhance and ideal their creative abilities. And so they so completely did that in “Singing within the Rain.”

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