Profession of Somebody With Tan Lang (Grasping Wolf) Star in Their Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

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I used to be instructing Zi Wei Dou Shu (“ZWDS”) astrology to an individual by the preliminary of N.S over the weekend. As we have been analyzing one chart belonging to a yet- to- be-identified celeb, N.S requested me if the chart belonged to that of a prostitute. I can see his logic for guessing so as a result of this woman’s chart had a Tan Lang (Grasping Wolf) star it has a Hua Ji (Reworked Avoidance) star. In Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology, star pictures are crucial to our understanding of every star and the picture for Tan Lang is a courtesan or geisha. Hua Ji means unstable or exhibiting unstable traits. Most Zi Wei Dou Shu guide authors or lecturers classify Hua Ji as a adverse star or adverse enhancer though I urge to vary on the outline that Hua Ji star is all about negativities.

So it’s comes as no shock most individuals would surmise {that a} Geisha that turns adverse is prone to be a prostitute. It’s true Geishas or Courtesans sells leisure and for women within the leisure industries, after we consider work obligation going to the acute, we might imagine they promote their our bodies as effectively. Nevertheless, Hua Ji just isn’t a adverse star or adverse enhancer as I usually reiterate. The way in which I might learn the Hua Ji enhancer is that it makes this particular person an especially participating or excellent entertainer.

The entertainer whose chart we have been discussing is definitely that of a well-known however deceased Hong Kong leisure business diva.

In order we will see, the Hua Ji just isn’t unequivocally exerting adverse influences on her, a minimum of not on her profession. Hua Ji represents excessive and on this case, it manifests in her as a “extraordinarily standard” particular person within the leisure (singing and performing) business. So whereas prostitution and performing arts all belong to the identical profession categorization of leisure, care ought to be taken to not color the beginning chart of performing artistes with sleaze. Whereas individuals with Tan Lang star could do effectively both within the performing arts or prostitution business, there’s a world of distinction in each industrial professions.

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