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The Florida dictionary in keeping with lawmakers

The Florida lawmakers appear to be studying a distinct dictionary from the remainder of us for those who look at the Jennifer Mee case.

Jennifer was sentenced to life with out the opportunity of parole after she was get together to a deadly theft.

At no stage did she ever intend to kill the sufferer.

So we come to our first phrase, “Premeditated.”

What does that phrase imply?

“Deliberate upfront,” “a premeditated assault.”

In Jennifer’s case, theft was deliberate upfront however not the sufferer.

I perceive that first and second diploma homicide is a killing which was premeditated.

Then how did Jennifer get to be charged with first diploma homicide?

Subsequent phrase is “manslaughter.”

In school the trainer informed us the distinction between homicide and manslaughter is homicide is once you killed somebody deliberately whereas manslaughter is once you by chance killed somebody.

So if a drunk driver kills somebody is it homicide or manslaughter?

What’s the distinction between somebody who intentionally drives a automotive right into a crowd and somebody dies and another person who makes an error of judgement comparable to texting somebody whereas driving and has an accident because of this?


It’s their intent which determines whether or not they have dedicated homicide or manslaughter.

The dictionary describes intent as this, “If you’re intent on doing one thing you’re decided to do it.”

There isn’t any doubt in any way that Jennifer by no means ever supposed to kill the sufferer.

So how can she be responsible of homicide?

I do not know what’s worse, being convicted of first diploma homicide or being sentenced with out the opportunity of parole.

This was a excessive profile case due to Jennifer’s notoriety because the “Hiccup Lady.” It polarised greater than a group, it made tv headlines past Florida, so I ponder whether Jennifer would have acquired the identical sentence if this was simply a humdrum homicide case in America.

Judges are alleged to rise above feelings throughout courtroom instances however I can not actually say whether or not on this case the decide did or did not rise in regards to the emotion of the case or what motivated her or him at hand down such a sentence however I’m to listen to the justification for it.

The underside line is Jennifer shouldn’t have been charged with first diploma homicide within the first place, however then to condemn her to life with out parole is a sentence which rational considering individuals would take into account inhumane.

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