Gossip Women – Tweens, Cyber Bullying and the Media

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The recognition of social networking websites has made the Web a digital public assembly place for all ages. By way of e mail, prompt messaging, chat rooms and textual content messaging, gossip has discovered a option to be unfold not solely domestically but additionally globally. How does this have an effect on tweens-a demographic made up of youngsters between the ages of eight and 13?

The media has at all times addressed this common situation. At present, “Gossip Lady”: a sequence of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar (now the topic of a teen cleaning soap opera of the identical title on the CW tv community) focuses on how expertise is used to unfold gossip and rumors amongst its important characters- younger, wealthy, personal college college students who’re members of New York’s elite social circle. Although the TV sequence in addition to the books content material shouldn’t be appropriate for teenagers, it has a big fan base made up of tween ladies. They’re almost definitely drawn to Gossip Lady due to its stylish storyline but additionally as a result of some can determine with being the topic of Web gossip.

Immediately, as an alternative of being the topic of a malicious notice handed round in school, a twelve-year-old lady could be taught that somebody has posted hateful feedback about her look or false rumors about her sexual conduct on the Web the place 1000’s of individuals may learn it. Sounds laborious to consider. However this occurs extra typically than you’d assume. Has the media performed something to assist tweens address this dangerous affect?

This phenomenon has led to B*tween Productions Inc., making a sequence of books starring the Beacon Avenue Women (BSG)-five pals (Katani, Avery, Charlotte, Isabel and Maeve) who symbolize the common tween-with the aim of offering optimistic media influences and position fashions for this impressionable age group. The BSG books had been written with the session of consultants on ladies, adolescence, kids’s points and growth.

One of many books on this in style sequence focuses on the destructive results of cyber bullying whereas offering steerage for teenagers on the Web. Within the ebook “Simply Kidding” the Beacon Avenue Women study gossip, no-jokes zones and the way the Web can be utilized to unfold rumors, spoil friendships and contribute to harm emotions. The ebook additionally features a checklist of enjoyable and secure websites for teenagers together with its personal interactive web site (www.beaconstreetgirls.com), which incorporates a secure social networking web site and on-line membership.

With the tween years being a vital time in a toddler’s growth, gossip and cyber bullying will be particularly laborious hitting at this emotionally delicate time. Whereas the grownup themed “Gossip Lady” glamorizes it, the Beacon Avenue Women assist kids to see the divisive impact it will probably have. The media would do nicely to observe the instance of B*tween productions and supply optimistic sources to assist dad and mom educate themselves and their tween on the right way to fight this menace.

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