Impotency (Viryapata) in Ayurveda

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Loss or deficiency of semen and penile power and senility is impotency. Extra intercourse or intercourse on the incorrect occasions, masturbation, train, unsuitable meals, consuming an extra of tough, bitter, astringent, salty, bitter and scorching meals, outdated age, nervousness, grief, suspicion, worry, anger, exorcism, emaciation from illness, suppression of pure urges, and wounds can result in the derangement of doshas and tissues. This may attain the semen-carrying channels, inflicting semen defects. Semen is taken into account regular when it’s oily, viscous, non-slimy, candy, non-burning, and white.

A few of main causes are

1. Faulty Seed: This outcomes from ingesting chilly, tough, blended, incompatible, raw or inadequate meals, fasting, grief, nervousness, worry, terror, and sexual activity. Different causes embrace exorcism, suspicion, poor plasma, dosha excesses, exertion, defective software of pañcha karma, and impaired semen. These situations are related to pale complexion, weak spot, low vitality, erection problem, coronary heart issues, anemia, bronchial bronchial asthma, jaundice, exhaustion, vomiting, diarrhea, colic, fever, and cough.

2. Penile Weak spot: This outcomes from ingesting extra bitter, salty, heavy, incompatible and unsuitable meals, ingesting extra water, or overeating pastries. Different causes are irregular meals, meats, extra yogurt or milk, weak spot from sickness, coitus with a feminine little one, not in vagina, with lust, throughout menses, or feminine tract malodor. Additional causes embrace a faulty tract, extreme discharge, power sickness in girls, with animals, not washing the penis, and injured genitals.

3. Senility: Outdated age usually causes diminished semen associated to a deficiency of the seven tissues, not utilizing aphrodisiacs, gradual lack of power, vitality, motor and sensory organs; poor diet, bodily exertion, and psychological exhaustion. This ends in depleted tissues, debilitation, poor complexion, and poor resistance to illness.

4. Deficiency: From extra psychological work, grief, worry, nervousness, envy, curiosity, intoxication, agitation, routine tough and emaciating food plan and herbs, fasting, or inadequate quantities of plasma-foods by weak individuals. The diminished rasa causes deficiency in different tissues (dhátus). This ends in low resistance to illness and might be life-threatening.


1. Dosha Imbalance: Enemas, ghee, semen selling herbs, reminiscent of shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, and kapikachhú are recommended.

2. Exorcism: Non secular measures are used.

3. Impotence: Therapies needs to be administered on this order: unction, fomentation, and oil purgative (e.g.,castor oil). Subsequent, a correct meal needs to be eaten. Later non-oil enemas and oil enemas are used. Non-oil enemas embrace the herbs, musta, patha, gudúchí, balá, punarnavá, mañjisthá, and kapikachu. One of the best oil enema to make use of is she purpose oil. The elements of purpose oil are black pepper, hingu, saffron, and viola (cotton plant seed) herbs with Spanish jasmine oil. A sustained enema containing mastoid herbs can be recommended. Lastly, semenpromoting herbs reminiscent of shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, and kapikachhú are taken. The oil enema promotes power. Consuming correct meals provides power and vitality. In the identical manner, oil enemas restore power and vitality to the native space and to the entire physique by way of colon absorption.

4.Lack of penile power: Anointing the genitals with oil, sprinkling or blood-letting is used. Individuals take sesame oil, ghee, castor oil purgatives and enemas, then non-oil enemas. Lastly, se-men-promoting herbs, reminiscent of shatávarí, ashwa-gandhá, balá, kapikachhú, and ámalakí are ingested. Senility & Semen Deficiency: Therapies embrace unction and fomentation, oil purgatives and enemas. That is adopted with ghee and semen selling herbs, reminiscent of shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, kapikachhú, guggul, shilájit, and sesame or castor oil enemas.

5. Váyu (Poor semen): Therapies embrace ghee, sesame seeds, almonds, cooked garlic and onions; semen-promoting herbs, reminiscent of shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, kapikachhú, ámalakí, guggul, and shilájit.

6. Pitta (Burning semen): Herbs embrace aloe vera gel, shatávarí, ámalakí, milk, sugar, and ghee.

7. Kapha (Lack of curiosity in intercourse, weight problems, extra mucus, wanting sugar as an alternative choice to intercourse): Herbs embrace pippalí, garlic, cloves, trikatu, guggul, and shilájit.

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