Introducing The Dwaa Mbwara (Conventional Pot)

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Hey, I wish to introduce to you the Dwaa Mbwara] (Conventional pot) the Bachama or Bwatiye girls use for adornment of their houses. It’s anticipated that each full grown lady getting married, goes to her new house with this pot for adornment and this symbolize womanhood. This identical pot has been taking part in so much within the Bachama custom. Is not it lovely? No Bachama lady ever goes to her husband’s home with out taking this alongside together with her. It’s used to beautify the home with it. It additionally performs a conventional function within the house; comply with me gently as I clarify extra.

One superb factor concerning the Dwaa Mbwara is that, within the occasion a lady has an issue together with her husband and ultimately packed out of her husband’s home, she has to go away the pot in the home. Carrying the pot means the top of the wedding. The calabashes on high of the pot are additionally used for adornment. Infrequently they’re cleaned and oiled to be able to make it shiny. Most at instances relying on the selection of even the husband, the pot may very well be multiple and are positioned in strategic locations round the home the place they are often protected.

This is without doubt one of the great thing about our tradition. We a lot consider within the arts of ornament and different issues that’s the reason you may see that the calabashes are additionally embellished with a number of designs.

Based on custom, a suitor who sees a woman and is occupied with her, doesn’t simply go to see her and let her know that he’s occupied with her and wish to marry her, NO! He to start with informs his dad and mom, on listening to the information, his dad and mom will go and make their findings i.e. to run a background verify on the girl in query and her household line. What would they be on the lookout for? So much, however I’ll point out just a few. After the background verify is full, they in flip will advance and see the dad and mom of the girl in query and that’s when the dad and mom of the girl will now inform her of the event. Now, I informed you that the dad and mom of the suitor runs a background verify, so additionally the could be partner’s dad and mom. The investigation was essential because of the following causes:

1. Whether or not she is from a effectively behaved household

It is vital for potential dad and mom in legislation to know the sort of daughter their son needs to marry and be certain that she is from a superb house, effectively behaved and respectful to be able to keep away from disaster. Any woman that fails this take a look at, is subsequently disqualified.

2. Are there witches and wizards of their household line?

In Africa, superstition may be very distinguished and each day we see instances of witchcraft: This can be a very critical subject that folks do not joke with particularly because it relates witchcraft. No smart dad and mom will encourage their youngsters (little kids) to interact in such horrible journey. As soon as it’s found that there are witches and wizards in that household, that would be the finish of the connection or proposed marriage, and identical factor goes with the person.

3. Have they got prostitutes, thieves or robbers of their household

When subject of theft is raised, in a society that I used to know, no man will prefer to affiliate with her or him; as a result of it’s believed that the most cancers could also be within the blood as such could have an effect on the kids unborn so that is often discouraged, and never solely discouraged however prohibited, Sure! That’s the phrase.

4. Is there promiscuity within the household?

One other harmful trait is within the case of promiscuity. That is by no means tolerated in any respect! the place it was found that the girl in query could have come from a household the place promiscuity is so prevalent, the dad and mom of the boy will certainly object to the wedding proposal. It is vital for me to state right here that, despite the fact that the woman could also be of excellent conduct however due to the truth that they found promiscuity the household line, they are going to object and vehemently oppose the wedding. The place all these exist besides No. 1 above, the dad and mom of the suitor will mechanically disqualify and nullify the wedding and it stands.

One query nevertheless we’ve to ask is, why ought to it’s so?

It’s so as a result of what they’re doing is to protect the household line so as to not corrupt the household. Africa is a spot stuffed with a variety of superstition and so even on this age of civilization and technological development it nonetheless maintain sway. All these having been accomplished, the dad and mom of the could be groom will organize and pay the bride worth and from there they will begin preparation for the marriage.

Earlier than the civilization in Africa, there have been marriages however are accomplished historically with so many rituals concerned. Certainly one of such is the normal pot which has been made obligatory, it’s customary and never one thing to be compromised. Earlier than the girl will go to her husband’s home a variety of preparations could be made and typically the person and his mates will go to the could be bride father’s farm and help with the farm; typically he should construct a hut for the daddy of the woman.

On the day of the marriage, friends could be invited and they’re going to come from completely different locations some with items to determine with them and rejoice with them. Meals and drinks could be served. In the meantime, the couple could be wearing lovely conventional apparel and can obtain their dad and mom’ blessings earlier than they’re stated to be correctly married: All these could be accomplished amidst dancing and rejoicing with music being performed.

One vital reality I wish to buttress right here is that, as a lot as there are sure to be disagreements within the house, on this tradition, the place a lady is alleged to be having issues in her house and decides to maneuver away from the house, it’s anticipated that, she leaves the pot behind, this is a sign that the there’s nonetheless hope for the wedding. She could pack her belongings from the house, however should depart that pot behind. Identical to I acknowledged above, within the occasion she carries the pot alongside together with her, it means the top of the wedding. (Particulars of this will likely be mentioned within the “Bachama Conventional Marriage” which will likely be coming quickly).

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