Joshua and Rahab

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After the dying of Moses, Joshua ready the Israelites to enter the Promised Land. Earlier than crossing the Jordan, he did the identical factor Moses had carried out forty years earlier when the Israelites had been getting ready to coming into Canaan: he despatched out spies.

In order that they set out, they usually got here to the home of a harlot named Rahab and lodged there. (Josh.2.1)

Why, of all locations, would the spies go to lodge with a harlot? Does not God hate harlots?

A ‘harlot’ symbolizes the seductive sensations and wishes that inflame our decrease nature however go away the soul unhappy. The identify ‘Rahab’means proud or smug, and it’s a time period that’s typically used to suggest the area of ‘Egypt’, the biblical image for the extent of matter and phantasm. Jericho, Rahab’s metropolis, means Moon– which additionally can be an emblem of the illusory degree of Being that ‘Egypt’ represents. The soul’s first mission within the Promised Land goes to be to as soon as and for all utterly destroy ‘Jericho’, in order that completely nothing irredeemable stays. Joshua will even pronounce a curse, not like another curse within the Bible, anathematizing anybody who ever dares to rebuild the town of Jericho. So the spies go instantly to Rahab, the essence of Jericho.

However ‘Rahab’means one thing else as nicely, of which ‘Egypt’ is barely a duplicate. Rahab symbolizes the primordial Chaosthat was ‘vanquished by the Creator’ in Hebrew legends.

The prophet Isaiah will say:

It was You that hacked Rahab in items, that pierced the Dragon. It was You that dried up the Sea, the waters of the nice deep.

And the E book of Job will say:

By His energy He stilled the ocean; By His ability He struck down Rahab.

Joshua, in response to legend, was swallowed by a sea-monster in his infancy, however at a distant level of the sea-coast the monster spewed him forth unhurt. So on a deep psychological degree, we see that Rahab was the ‘sea-monster’ who swallowed and spewed forth Joshua – in legendary phrases, his ‘mom’. Afterward, in response to the legends, Joshua will marry Rahab (in her present incarnation because the ‘harlot of Jericho’), so she can be his ‘spouse’.

Just like the Greek goddess Gaia (who is typically portrayed as Uranus’ mom, and typically as his spouse), Rahab is Chaos, the turbulent Passions. She is the ‘Sea’, the deep huge unconscious. She is the traditional archetype that underlies the ability of the Sacred Female. Christian custom will name her ‘Mary Magdalene’ (Mary of the Excessive Tower). Because the soul ascends the trail of non secular initiation, the Sacred Female (Rahab) should reunite with the Sacred Masculine(Joshua) in order that collectively they’ll merge again into Oneness and return to Divinity.

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