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Driving That Prepare:

The realm that’s now often known as Turkey performed a serious position within the Thriller Religions. Using medication to create “spiritual” experiences was developed to a tremendous artwork by numerous occult fraternal thriller faith teams within the Turkey space. The Assassins from the place we get the phrase cannabis managed components of Turkey and Lebanon in Medieval instances. They used medication to realize the allegiance of their recruits. Among the strongest figures for the Illuminati have been Turks. The Grand Orient has had some highly effective figures in Turkey. As an illustration, on the Masonic Congress of all of the Grand Orients’ (that is European Freemasonry- though a number of American presidents have been members of European Freemasonry) Grand Lodges, Bou Achmed got here from Turkey. The Grand Lodge of Asia was represented by Sebeyck-Kadir from Asia. Bou Achmed took an enormous position within the Grand Orient’s choices.

As an apart, let me clarify one instance of the facility of the Grand Orient in America. The Grand Orient was initially robust in Louisiana however unfold itself to many different US. areas. Garfield, a really highly effective man within the Grand Orient, managed to turn out to be US. President as a result of the political course of obtained deadlocked on the conference and the Masons instructed him as a compromise candidate. Though Garfield was an especially highly effective Mason, had been maybe the youngest common within the US. Military through the Civil Warfare, the Illuminati ordered him shot after he had served a couple of yr in workplace as President. Garfield was reported by an eye-witness to Satanic rituals to have participated within the cannibalistic rites of Satanism achieved to realize the religious energy of the eaten particular person. The Grand Orient Freemasonry has been linked to different orders of Freemasonry which might be additionally referred to as Rosicrucians. Pope John XXIII joined a Rosicrucian group that had hyperlinks to European Freemasonry when he was in Turkey.

Whereas the key Grand Orient Freemasonry was very robust in Turkey despite its small numbers, the common American Freemasonry granted a dispensation for a Masonic Lodge to function in Smyrna, Turkey in Might, 1863 however the charters have been withdrawn on Aug. 27, 1880. Nonetheless, it’s fascinating that of all of the Turkish cities, Smyrna was positively one of the best place for Freemasonry to realize recruits. Males like Achmed Pasha and lots of the different Pasha household have been leaders inside Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Achmed Pasha was a Satanist and had a big harem. Mehmet Talaat Pasha (1872-1921) was a Freemason and a part of the Turkish revolution of 1908. He was the chief of the Younger Turks, which was a joint undertaking of the Sufis and the Frankist Satanists. (The kind of Satanism led by the Frank household has had connections to Turkey for a whole lot of years.) Mehmet Talaat Pasha was the Grand Grasp of the Grand Orient of Turkey. He was held the political place in Turkey of grand vizier of Turkey (1917-18). One other Turkish Pasha was a part of the Turkish royalty operating Egypt when Egypt was a part of the Ottoman Empire. His title was Khedive Ismail Pasha and he was Grand Grasp of the Grand Lodge of Egypt. It was this Turk, Khedive Ismail Pasha, who gave the well-known Obelisk to the US. This Obelisk was referred to as Cleopatra’s Needle and was initially erected within the metropolis of the solar, Heliopolis, about 1500 B.C. The Obelisk is a illustration of a human penis, as a result of solar worship, worship of regeneration (intercourse) and worship of the solar god Devil have been all tied collectively. Masons helped with the shifting of the obelisk, and its dedication when it arrived in New York Metropolis. Giant obelisks have been erected by Masons in New York, Washington D.C., Paris, the Vatican, and London. (If my reminiscence serves me appropriate Berlin acquired one too at one time.)” (1)

Discover the significance of Smyrna as a supply of Freemasonry right here. That’s the place the Onassis household has operated potion-pushing or altered consciousness medication for millennia.

Typically, when my tiny head is spinning with disinfotainment and different artifacts of the mediasphere, I attempt to assume what archaeologists and social historians 2,000 years from now would possibly make of our specific little epoch. How, as an example, would they parse the phrase “drug”?

Is a “drug seller” a pharmacist or a petty felony? After we discuss “moderately priced medication for seniors,” are we discussing marijuana or Lipitor or Levitra? What would they make of the truth that the final 4 American administrations have declared a “struggle on medication” whereas taking cash from drug firms?

Why is it dangerous when residents of Colombia construct mansions from earnings on the sale of medicine, nevertheless it’s good when residents of Newport, R.I., do the identical factor? When one particular person can not reside with out “lifesaving medication,” we specific nice sympathy, until that particular person is a “drug addict,” by which case we could even throw him in jail. When a mood-altering drug is bought in tablet type in shops, it is referred to as an antidepressant and hailed as a medical breakthrough. When a mood-altering drug is bought on the streets, it is referred to as felony drug trafficking and topic to stiff felony penalties.

As a result of we’re native audio system of Americanadianese, we will wend our means via the contradictions. We all know that the dangerous medication are those the trigger euphoria and impair judgment, until the drug is alcohol, however that is not ever referred to as a drug, so there isn’t any confusion there. We all know that the great medication are those that remedy ailments or relieve signs, besides generally the great medication are ineffective and even counterproductive in attaining these targets.

Avenue sellers don’t finance experimental trials on the effectiveness of the medication they promote. Drug firms do, however they fudge the outcomes. Avenue sellers have a small suggestions loop as a result of prospects can inform fairly rapidly whether or not they’re loaded or not. Drug firms have an extended suggestions loop as a result of human beings cannot immediately inform whether or not their ldl cholesterol is being lowered or their blood thinned or their insulin manufacturing stimulated. A drug with an extended suggestions loop is clearly extra worthwhile than one with a brief suggestions loop as a result of the seller can maintain an ineffective drug on the cabinets for much longer.

Apparently, the individuals who promote ineffective medication are typically mentioned to have made “sincere errors.” If a road seller bought you an ineffective drug, you could possibly take 5 of your folks and return and have a brisk dialog with him. If a behind-the-counter seller bought you an ineffective drug, you’d have to rent a lawyer and file a lawsuit and perhaps, perhaps, 10 years later you’d get some cash, though in all probability you would be lifeless by then.

Avenue sellers haven’t got patents on their medication, which implies that they’re going to at all times have loads of competitors. Drug firms do have patents, to allow them to set their costs with out worrying about market economics. And when their patents run out, they will put out a drug with a barely totally different formulation, put it on the market like mad and promote the brand new drug in a monopolistic setting With authorities mandated market help to be able to handle the ‘money-trees’ whereas constructing forms.. It’s a must to surprise when road sellers are going to give you Cocaine XR or LSD Reditabs.

Because the road seller works in a aggressive environment, he has to maintain his costs comparatively low. To be able to improve his profitability, he can “step on” his product, that’s, dilute it. It will be unwise for a drug firm to adulterate its product, however because it owns a monopoly, it could actually set costs artificially excessive and obtain the identical profitability ranges. A road seller who knowingly poisons his clientele known as “the scum of the earth.” A drug company that knowingly poisons its clientele known as “a tobacco firm.” Individuals who promote unlawful medication typically rot in jail for 20 or 30 years. Individuals who promote authorized medication are sometimes pressured to attend tedious daylong board conferences. Individuals who take unlawful medication are referred to as “losers.” Individuals who take authorized medication are referred to as “everybody in America.”

Glad I am not an archaeologist in 4040; my mind would ache a complete lot.

One tablet makes you bigger, and one tablet places you in jail, and please don’t function heavy equipment with those that mom provides you. My ex-roommate was being advised to use for his outdated job as a forklift truck operator whereas being given medication for Schizophrenia which he didn’t have. He was no liar and couldn’t expose a possible employer to the insurance coverage dangers or his fellow staff to the life risk this could entail. Many medication individuals use are impairing their driving prowess, and there are legal guidelines to remove their license that go unenforced.

Driving that prepare, excessive on ethyl 4-1-piperidinecarboxylate.


It’s a fantastic factor to have the Pleasure of Studying and to make a profession that you simply discover is said to your research. There are such a lot of methods to get a Physician label and thus declare experience within the many fields and disciplines which we have now damaged data into. A few of that is counter to actual experience and far of it simply units individuals aside from data and one another. However individuals are additionally being segmented into lessons inside the hierarchy of presidency backed by and for elites in all so some ways. Drugs has been considered one of their extra dastardly instruments alongside faith. This subsequent little factoid jogs my memory of how Edward Gibbon nearly died as a result of the British Medical system wouldn’t approve vaccinations via use of scabs as had been achieved by the likes of Paracelsus or others in antiquity and which was permitted within the France of his period.

“When the Cholera epidemic reached England, it supplied one other alternative to match homeopathic remedy with the standard strategies of the day. Common allopathic medication yielded a mortality price of 59 p.c in comparison with solely 16 p.c for the Homeopaths. (2) When these statistics have been collected, the knowledge was so startling {that a} medical fee was despatched to the London Homeopathic Hospital to examine the information. Although the information have been duly verified, it was determined to not make them public, and the details weren’t launched till 100 years later.” (3)

The formation of the American Medical Affiliation is a serious difficulty in opposition to different therapeutic or actual look after individuals. Within the late nineteenth Century as these points have been changing into obvious there have been many who knew that the allopaths or medical medical doctors promoting laudanum and the like have been truly the ‘Killing-trade’. There are indicators that stress administration (do not fret – sweat or train) and the connectiveness to the ‘all’ round us are once more making a play to be thought of in well being upkeep. Nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements are capable of show to even probably the most duped particular person receiving medical care that they work and but some physician’s teams and the governments that again them nonetheless disqualify medical doctors who advise their utilization.

Lecturers are topic to a ‘Information Filter’ (Berkeley Regulation Professor – Johnson) or Literary Concept (UBC English Professor Graham Good) and the outright suppression of artistic or considerate and significant potentials. (4) The idea of Bucky Fuller referred to as ‘the observer of the noticed’ and his extra detailed ‘artistic realization’ is a part of what operates as we ‘undertaking’ upon actuality. For instance the issues we see are literally a mix of fields of power from the dross and fewer excited to the extremely excited or vibrational power contained in the atomic constructions. A method of visualizing this consists of an aura, which is the sector of power not normally seen however related to the photo voltaic physique and integrative facilities referred to as chakras. Maybe we might ponder a time when all individuals had the flexibility to see or sense auras. In our socially normed ‘projections’ that embody telling our youngsters sure issues don’t exist, we have now misplaced the acutely aware integration or incorporation of those fields of actuality.

Psychic surgeons within the Philippines and Brazil have had their power measured throughout operations on the identical vibration price of seven.8 cycles. It began me occupied with how we will alter our state and the way others would possibly understand us in these altered states. Clearly if anybody might see all of the areas between our electrons and the nuclei or between the totally different atoms and molecules we would not appear strong by an extended shot. Thus these surgeons who use no utensils would be capable of energize the contaminated or diseased physique half or tumor to take away it at an altered vibration stage. There have been strong documentaries with such credible help as X-rays earlier than a San Francisco businessman had such a tumor eliminated and X-rays a yr later displaying it hadn’t returned. Ultimately it’s essential to determine who has probably the most to realize from the arguments and whether or not or not you wish to actualize your individual potential. When you do a couple of issues the debunkers say are unattainable – then a smile will come to your face; and the mental battle loses all import.

String Concept is aware of in regards to the harmonic forces which might be lower than strong which by some means mix to make what we understand as a strong. The astrophysicists now have advised us that 95% of the universe is ‘Darkish Matter’ or ‘Darkish Vitality’ – so get with it earlier than you’re invisible and do not know it! Simply kidding! We worry that which we can not totally comprehend and our consultants or clergymen and medical doctors embody many enablers of our fears. We even enable worry to pre-empt love; which is ironic as a result of on the finish of our lives it isn’t the fears or the variations that matter probably the most however whether or not we beloved and allowed ourselves to be beloved as a lot as doable.

“Each new notion of data is at all times primarily based both instantly or not directly on older data. InteliTapping permits us to attach with the oldest, but most full supply of data.” (5)

Nature produced a present on the origins of music and the organic and archetypal impression it has had on our evolution and emotional wherewithal. Together with reed devices from as way back as 60,000 years that clearly present subtle growth of know-how, they’d the cave operas of those that rubbed and drummed on stalactites. They posited that the tree-swinging hominid that just like the Sumatran Gibbon co-ordinates group for cover via territorial chants, will not be a lot much less conscious as most of our nice Lockean influenced lecturers appear to be. These animals additionally discovered what crops are harmful and what crops alter your religious consciousness. You’ll be able to see it when your pet goes exterior for the primary time and chews on some grass to settle its tummy. Our genes include lots of data or the flexibility to tap-in to a lot data. The thrill you get from ‘weed’ is the thrill coming out of your Thalami and Third Eye or Pineal gland that has a crystal radio receiver and grains or crystalline constructions. Crystalline constructions like quartz have been identified to be helpful within the Misplaced Chord of the Druids and extra historic shamans. There are magnificent quartz caves in Central America and different locations that might have been utilized by early hominids for a certainty.

The Greatest Physique Language – Intercourse:

Lengthy earlier than Tantra or Bhakti Yoga there have been many issues ancients in all probability discovered from intercourse, much more than most individuals do at the moment. Right this moment we have now medication like Viagra to boost the longevity of the sexual encounter. The Mayans have pure drug for this. There are such a lot of issues which maintain us busy or deflect us from religious perception as is famous in lots of Japanese programs which confer with the ‘busy-mind’ or samsara and the phantasm of Maya.

Second diploma Wiccan college students who’ve superior via a rigorous coaching in esoteric data start a quest that many would regard as perverse pursuit of delight and self-gratification. The companions are sometimes concerned in different dedicated relationships. When a person and a lady who’re all in favour of religious development mix to expertise the Tantric or Bhakti (Yoga) or ritualistic development potential to free extra than simply their private self or ego to succeed in the heights of religious or psychic potentialities; who can say what’s actual and what’s imagined. This effort to commune with spirit is termed ‘working companions’ and the allies or guides is who they actually search to merge or work with. The creativeness is undoubtedly part of the dynamic. It is not mandatory for them to look after one another in the way in which lovers do. I’ve not achieved this ‘work’.

Many individuals discuss ‘soulmates’ or ‘twin flames’ and the phrases turn out to be mere shadows of the actual potential. On the identical time intercourse is a grimy ‘phrase’, and act, in a lot of society.

What can a author say to convey the essence of all these items?

If I absolve myself from the problem of integrating these ideas, rituals and soulful realities I might merely say belief your soul and know that wherever you could go you’ll discover one thing greater than no matter you thought was actual to start with.

If I discuss ‘la petite mort’ or empathic attunements with the soul of the accomplice that permits the self to disintegrate and turn out to be a part of one thing bigger than one particular person; and nearly dissolve within the vastness of spirit – it should solely look like prose and poetry. The phrase ‘la petite mort’ or ‘the little dying’ can in reality result in a Kundalini sort expertise which might trigger dying.

In fact, one can wax eloquent and stick with it at size about any of their hopes and needs. The essence of an ideal working accomplice likely has little to do with these aspirations and extra to do with the way in which the soul interpenetrates all individuals. The glimpses of perception gained via empathy and love with those that shared my wants are particular to me and can without end keep within the a part of my soul (if there’s such a component) that cherishes all we have been and hungers for what we might have been.

To deprecate the witch who ‘attracts down the moon’ into their accomplice on the trail to worship of issues nobody can totally know is the stuff of fearful and insecure individuals. That type of bigotry with out precise expertise is rampant in all areas of society. It’s actually simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg when one contemplates all of the methods mankind has developed to separate himself from what we’re collectively and what god actually needs for us to appreciate. No quantity of fixed looking for or obsession with these pursuits will ever get a person any nearer to his soul than what he was whereas in his mom’s womb.

The enjoyment and creativity of the problem to know is as nice a present as our maker can provide us – besides maybe the acquiescence to the soul inside the beloved one you’re blessed to have the possibility to know and share your life with. Within the second of creation every day as we develop and be taught to be, we’re without end drawn by some drive that seeks higher concord and function for all power.

Many (if not most) individuals assume the 24 hour orgasm is like alien abductions however the EEG and different methods of measuring bodily responses would persuade them in any other case. An analogous variety of individuals discover the misuse of Tantric Yoga by the likes of Crowley and Hubbard is tantamount to no matter is evil in man. I say they’re proper, however that isn’t the fault of Tantric Yoga. These methods are very seductive and in some methods the individuals would select to have the expertise even when they knew an ideal deal about it as a result of it’s a unhappy truism that Masters and Johnson or Kinsey are proper. They are saying a full third of ladies by no means have an orgasm via intercourse.

Many individuals seldom take pleasure in intercourse and a few important variety of the remainder of us are in various levels of poor to respectable means and openness to what nice studying intercourse can present. It could possibly be mentioned that our sexual relations are a superb barometer of the state of society. I favour intercourse schooling and all of the alternatives and tasks that go together with the pure and soulful capabilities of the act. It’s simple to grasp why some individuals are hesitant to have strangers educate their family members about intercourse. However Father Leo Sales space is correct when he notes that oldsters who repress their kids or foist suppressive habits upon them are simply as responsible of abuse.


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