The Parable of the Nice Doctor Made Easy – Matthew 9:10-13

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I’ve to giggle as a result of once I noticed the title of this parable, I did not even know what it was. So I’ve turned my Bible to the place the sheet of paper stated the parable was discovered. And that is been my sermon preparation. For those who ever surprise how a lot preparation I’ve carried out, it has been a few years of strolling with Jesus. Most of those teachings I’m doing on the parables of Jesus have been being preached with no studying or commentary or something however with life expertise and time meditating over the Bible and the parables and the teachings of Jesus and a life-long relationship with Jesus. Added to that’s once you come to a sermon the place you have bought no preparation that leaves a number of room for the Holy Spirit to make use of your mouth. When individuals see a few of my easy teachings and name them profound and wealthy and deep, all glory has to go to God, as a result of it isn’t Matthew that is doing it. Matthew is only a easy particular person. For those who discover him very deep, that is the Holy Spirit in the identical method that Jesus was.

I discover it fascinating sharing the parables of Jesus as a result of he used to share parables as a result of they didn’t actually provide the that means. You bought to go and seek for the information of the that means. So right here we go. That is concerning the nice doctor.

Matthew 9:12

“And when the Pharisees noticed it, they stated to His disciples, “Why does your Trainer eat with tax collectors and sinners?” When Jesus heard that, He stated to them, “Those that are nicely haven’t any want of a doctor, however those that are sick. However go and be taught what this implies: ‘I need mercy and never sacrifice.’ For I didn’t come to name the righteous, however sinners, to repentance.”

Have you ever ever had a tooth that had main decay in it? A few of my enamel, I’ve to admit, aren’t there anymore. An an infection bought into my enamel from tooth decay so unhealthy, that once I bought to the dentist as a result of my mouth was aching and I could not get to sleep with out painkillers. The dentist stated it should be a significant root canal which might price $950, or we bought to drag your tooth out. Myself, being a poor one who has lived a lifetime of habit and lived a lifetime of poverty have all the time opted for them to drag the tooth out. Fortunately, I am on the federal government pension now and dental work would not price me something. So when my enamel get that unhealthy, I simply say, “Pull it out.”

Now, let me ask you this query, once you’ve bought a rotten tooth and the ache is insufferable, do you search out the dentist once you’ve bought the means and alternative to pay the dentist? If you have not bought a pension like me, and it prices $250 to get the tooth out and also you had that $250, would you willingly pay it to the dentist to tear that tooth out and cease that ache? Would you? Do you? What about once you bought a headache? Do you attain for a painkiller to cease the headache? What about in case you bought a migraine? What in case you get a rash in your pores and skin? Do not you get a pores and skin cream and put it on? After we’re sick, we search out a physician. After we’ve bought the answer to our illness, which is chilly and flu tablets and fundamental cough medicines and stuff, we do not search out a physician as a result of we have already bought solutions. When our illness will get to a stage that we will not deal with it, we search out a physician. Now, that is onerous generally for individuals in America, in the event that they have not bought medical insurance coverage as a result of docs will be costly and so can medication. However right here in Australia, you’ll be able to mainly get every part free of charge, nearly, in case you’re determined sufficient.

So, bearing that each one in thoughts, Jesus stated, “Those that are nicely haven’t any want of a doctor, however those that are sick.”

The Pharisees have been individuals who had an thought, a really, excellent thought, of what the Lord stated within the Outdated Testomony Regulation. Then they’d an entire lot of different guidelines and laws in some type of e-book which have been all the principles that have been required to be abide to satisfy the Regulation. Now, The Pharisees wrote these guidelines and situations in such a method that it was very onerous for some individuals to do these issues. However the Pharisees type of prided themselves in their very own self-righteousness. They fasted. They tithed. They sacrificed. That is what Jesus brings up later. Basically, all of them thought they have been all good, clear and holy and righteous and pure and clear. They weren’t unclean. They have been excellent within the sight of God. So that they have been feeling actually good.

For Jesus to take a seat with an actual sinner, somebody who’s blatantly sinning, Jesus a holy rabbi no much less, sitting down with the scum of the earth, was simply an offense to them. It was a stench of their nostrils. It actually irritated them, a lot in order that even in Jesus’ presence they complained of his selection. The scripture information:

“Now it occurred, as Jesus sat on the desk in the home, that behold, many tax collectors and sinners got here and sat down with Him and His disciples.”

So Jesus walks in to this home wherever that home and instantly he has an entire lot of tax collectors and sinners sit all the way down to eat a meal with him and luxuriate in his firm.

Let me say this in one other method that we might perceive in in the present day’s setting. Think about Jesus was with us in the present day.. Jesus went and sat down on this sure home, wherever the home is. He sat down. Then an entire lot of politicians, an entire lot of drug sellers, pimps, prostitutes and pedophiles got here down and sat down with Jesus and began to interrupt bread and have dinner with him and inform jokes.

Is not that offensive to you? Is that offensive?

How about, if I come round to your own home. You’re having an open air barbecue. I’ve simply sat down. Think about that I am a global public speaker. I am a global speaker of the Gospel. I’ve bought 250 talking engagements yearly. I am in your Metropolis. I have been invited round to your own home for a barbecue to fulfill you and spend a while with you. And once I get there, all of the native pimps, prostitutes, gays, homosexuals, drug addicts and drug lords, and identified pedophiles, youngster intercourse offenders, and slave commerce individuals arrive to greet me and be a part of me to your barbeque. All of them gate crash the social gathering and sit down and say, “Hey Matthew, we have seen you on You Tube. You are so cool, man. Can we sit down right here and have lunch?”

What in the event that they gate crashed your social gathering? How would you are feeling? Possibly you are not just like the Pharisees. Possibly you are a stupendous Christian. In your each day life, you are mixing with prostitutes and drug sellers and homosexuals and road youngsters and mentally sick individuals and it’s best to deal with these type of individuals at your social gathering.

I dwell in a neighborhood. My church is a neighborhood of individuals like that. These aren’t offensive individuals to me. In truth, it is onerous for me to get on with Christians generally. It is so much simpler to get on with sinners. Jesus was the identical method.

Think about if Jesus had stated to the Pharisees on that day ” These persons are sick. They have a non secular toothache. They want somebody to do a root canal for them or they want somebody to drag this tooth. Why are you getting on my case? They’re those that want some assist. You do not care. They’re written off as sinners and tax collectors. They’re scum of the earth to you. You will not elevate a finger to assist them with their sin or make them extra righteous or assist them obey the Regulation. You simply reject them outright. I am not going to reject them. They want the reality. They have a toothache, cannot you see? They’re tousled. They want some solutions. You are the blokes with all of the solutions. You obey the legislation completely. You are not sick. However they want a doctor.

So, go and be taught what this implies. I need mercy not sacrifice. I do not need your quick 2 days every week. I do not need you to throw your cash into the poor field and make an enormous loud ring.”

The poor field used to have an enormous circle and you possibly can place your hand down into the poor field like this actually quietly and drop the coin within the backside. Or you possibly can throw your coin in and it will make an enormous “Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The Pharisees, the righteous and the spiritual are individuals of that day. individuals sure up with faith and self-righteousness; They used to get their cash and go bang and make a clang. And everybody would flip round and say, “Oh, he simply gave some cash.”

Jesus stated, once you give your alms, do not sound the trumpet. Do not make that huge clang that was known as sounding the trumpet. Do not try this. Do not let your proper arm know what you are left arm is doing.

So the Pharisees used to sacrifice their cash. They used to sacrifice their herbs. They used to do all of the sacrifices. They used to provide all their lambs. They used to pay their herb tithes. They used to do the primary fruits choices. They used to do every part excellent. They’d quick. They’d do all these sacrifices to be righteous. However they’re all works. They’re all works of the flesh.

However Jesus stated, “I need mercy and compassion.”

You see expensive reader. The individuals of Australia cross a heroin addict, somebody who’s placing up a needle up their arm, and haven’t any mercy on them. Are you aware that 82% of Australians who have gotten a heroin habit had been sexually abused as a baby? They need assistance. I am unsure you perceive what it feels wish to be molested by somebody 20 years older than you. I perceive what that’s like. It severely messes together with your head.

When you find yourself:

Residing in bisexual relationships; Residing in addictions to prostitutes; Residing in addictions to pornography; Residing in addictions to alcohol; It severely messes your head up.

It takes a number of work, a number of assist, a number of counseling, a number of understanding to get you healed up and right into a situation the place I’m now. And I’ve nonetheless bought ache and harm that must be mounted with and handled.

Jesus says have mercy on individuals like Matthew. Do not condemn them and do not write them off as a sinner. That is the primary time I have been so frank on this assortment of parables that I am doing on video and as a sequence of articles that shall be printed right into a e-book. But it surely serves this parable nicely so that you can know that I’ve used the providers of prostitutes for 20 years in my previous. What number of occasions did I sin then? I’ve slept with males. I’ve carried out all types of unhealthy issues. And right here I’m, sharing that I am out of that. I’m not doing that anymore.

And but God’s nonetheless utilizing me. That is as a result of Jesus had mercy on me. That is as a result of Jesus had mercy on me. He is nonetheless the identical. He is nonetheless laying on his love. He is nonetheless loving up on all of the hurting and damaged on the planet. He needs you to do this. He would not need you to sentence all these sinners.

We have a look at this parable and suppose to ourselves how unhealthy the Pharisees have been for condemning Jesus, and but if we’re trustworthy, actually trustworthy with ourselves, we simply don’t suppose that individuals working towards addictions and sexual sins must be allowed to fellowship with all of us clear righteous church goers.

We spend time within the Bible, we spend time at church and Bible research and we spend our cash giving to the work of the Lord. We make all these sacrifices and we predict we please God. However God calls all of these items dwelling beneath self righteousness. Jesus needs us to indicate mercy to the damaged and hurting in addition to sacrificing within the aforementioned method. He needs us to be the docs to the individuals with ache and struggling and heal their emotional and non secular lives up by way of the ability of the Holy Spirit and His knowledge.

Be blessed.

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