Who Is Naruto’s Father?

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The identification of Naruto’s father has been the topic of hypothesis for Naruto followers for a very long time. There have been heated debates – even full-blown web flaming wars – concerning the thriller that’s Naruto’s father.

The Fourth Hokage Principle

Most individuals believed that Naruto’s father was the Yondaime or the Fourth Hokage. The resemblance between the Yondaime and Naruto is placing – they each have blue eyes and yellow hair and so they even have the identical smile. And since Naruto is an orphan and the fourth died preventing with the Kyuubi – all of it made sense.

Some folks even went as far as to consider that the Yondaime, although it was clearly acknowledged that he died preventing the Kyuubi, one way or the other survived and lived on to turn into the Akatsuki chief. They believed that every thing – from the sealing of the Kyuubi inside Naruto till the searching of the Jinchuuruki by the Akatsuki – was all a part of an elaborate plot concocted by the genius thoughts of the Fourth Hokage. They believed that what was proven concerning the Yondaime was only a hoax, he was really evil even though all of the folks of Konoha liked him and that he was keen to die for them.

Nevertheless, there have been many individuals who disagreed with these believers of ‘Yondaime is Naruto’s father concept’ as a result of they could not perceive why a father would seal one thing just like the Kyuubi inside his personal son. Some believed that it will simply be ‘too apparent’ and that Kishimoto cannot probably write one thing so apparent – there needs to be a twist. Some believed that the Yondaime was Naruto’s uncle, or brother, or another distant relative – simply not his father.

There have been even individuals who believed that the Akatsuki chief (who they believed was not Yondaime) was really Naruto’s father. And, for some cause, he was searching his personal son. This concept was strengthened by the truth that the Akatsuki Chief’s shadow appeared considerably like he had the identical hair as Naruto. And when the Akatsuki’s leaders face was revealed to have a placing resemblance to Naruto too, this concept gathered extra supporters. And so they believed {that a} Star Wars scene with the Akatsuki Chief saying “Naruto, I’m your father” was not such a distant chance.

There have been different theories – some so farfetched and random that you simply’d must surprise what the followers smoked with a purpose to give you it. However all these theories have been dispelled as soon as Chapter 367 of the manga got here.

The Revelation

Chapter 367 is an ideal instance of how the only solutions are virtually at all times the precise ones. It turned out that the blatant was really true and the Fourth Hokage actually is Naruto’s father. Jiraiya and Tsunade confirmed all of it and even revealed the Yondaime’s identify to be Namikaze Minato.

But when the fourth is Naruto’s father, then why is his identify Uzumaki Naruto and never Namikaze Naruto? The place does the Uzumaki come from? It seems that, for some cause, Naruto bought his mom’s surname as an alternative of his father’s. And it is not likely heartless for Minato to seal Kyuubi inside Naruto because it was, in spite of everything, his dying want that Naruto be handled as a hero for having to deal with having a monster inside him. He died believing that the villagers would love Naruto, he had no concept that they might do the alternative. This chapter has but to be made right into a Naruto episode, but it surely must be revealed in Naruto Shippuden fairly quickly.

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